Maternity Hospital in Crisis

On July 29th, we were sickened and heartbroken to hear about airstrikes that took place in Syria, on a maternal hospital run by Save The Children's partners. 

Babies were injured when their incubators hit the floor, a woman who was six months pregnant had both her legs severed. Two other women suffered shrapnel wounds to the stomach and a number of patients and staff were also injured.

Two operations were underway and a woman was in labour when the bombing occurred. Aside from the horror of this happening on any day, can you image experiencing this attack during your labour?

Being the only emergency and maternal hospital for miles in this region, it's crucial that the hospital can continue the work they're doing. They care for over 1,000 women and children each month. These women and children desperately need our help.

Below are some photos of the damaged hospital:

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