Mom tips on how to make healthy and tasty choices for a first time foodie on the go!


Disclosure: I have partnered with YMC and PC Organics Baby and have received compensation for this post. All opinions in the post are my own.

As a mom to 3 little vegan babies, and a Certified Plant-Based Holistic Nutritionist (CHN), when it comes to food for my littles I place a lot of focus around finding quality ingredients, but I also always want to make sure that meals that are still fun to eat!

A common question I get as a mom raising plant-based babies, is how do you make the food fun and tasty?  No, my kids do not live off of hemp seeds, raw veggies and smashed avocado (although they do love all those things!)  They probably eat quite similar to your little ones as well.

No matter your families dietary requirements, when starting your LO on solids you want to focus on high-quality food choices, but again you do not have to sacrifice nutrition for flavour or convenience.  So here are my tips on how to make healthy choices for a first time foodie on the go!

1. Chose foods that have their own packaging

These foods travel well, are quick to grab, and I have even been known to pull into a grocery store and grab an avocado if I forgot to pack food for my LO.  These items are perfect because they have their own packaging, so they can live in your purse without going bad for a couple of days.  Along with this, these are soft foods that are easy to smash or be handheld if you are doing 'baby led weaning'!

Some of my favourite options are:

  • avocados
  • bananas
  • peaches
  • kiwi

2. Use Home Made Squeezies

Make your own smoothies, or purees and bring them on the go.  This way you can ensure you, that baby is getting the foods you want, and in a pinch, you can even toss something as simple as applesauce in your own squeezie pack!

3. Pre-bake muffins or healthy green pancakes

This is a great option if you can do this before you head out the door.  I usually make a few batches of mini quinoa muffins or monster pancakes (I used spinach puree for the wicked green colour) and freeze them.  I then can pop out a few into a cloth travel bag for easy on the go meals for babe.



4. Finger foods like PC® Organics™ Baby Foods



I love bringing foods that are not only healthy and yummy for baby, but all moms know that things like rice cakes and cheerios are time passers for babies practicing picking up finger foods with their newly developed pincer grasp! A favourite in our home is actually some of the delicious and organic options you can find from PC® Organics™.  These finger goods are also quick and convenient for mom to pack and bring along! The best part is that the New PC® Organics™ products are packed with balanced nutrition and flavour for your self-feeding little one. Also, PC® Organics™ Baby Food is 100 percent certified to Canadian organic standards. It’s healthy, it’s tasty and it’s easy for busy, but health nut moms like me!