Countdown to Hockey Wives Season 3!

We're just one day away from the season premiere of Hockey Wives Season 3! Airing on W Network, on Wednesday, April 19th @ 10PM ET/PT. Who else is excited?!

If you've watched Season 1 & 2, then you know why we love this show. These ladies are facing the everyday struggles of balancing family life, careers, as well as their own personal aspirations while trying to cope with being married to the hockey life. This season, there are new wives, plus we get to see what hockey wife life is abroad in Europe, Austria, Germany and Russia. 

Introducing the cast of Hockey Wives Season 3:
Maripier Morin and Emilie Blum Return, Joined By Catherine LaFlamme, Martine
Auclair Vlasic, Erica Lundmark and Vanessa Vandal

We're so happy that one of our favourite Hockey Wives is back for Season 3, Montreal’s Maripier Morin, also known as MP. We hear it's a dramatic season ahead for MP and fiancé Brandon Prust. The two were engaged last season, and we are dying to know if there will be a wedding this season?! Also returning from season one is Emilie Blum, who is also pregnant. 

We had the opportunity to sit down with MP today, and chat everything Hockey wives, PLUS we talked about her fabulous career, and how through all the challenges she's faced in the past year she is still on top, and more driven than ever. Stay tuned for our interview, we can't wait to share. 

Hockey Wives Season 3, premieres Wednesday, April 19th @ 10PM ET/PT on W Network. 

XO Vanessa+Melissa