It’s Never Too Early to Start Reading to Baby

One of our most favourite things to do, is get cozy in bed with our littles for our bedtime stories. Since very early on, stories have been part of our bedtime routines with each of our babes. 
Firstly, we both love storytelling and reading to our kids, but we also know the importance of early literacy, and the benefits of starting to read books, and exposing books to kids at a very young age. Thankfully, Playtex Baby also supports and encourages early literacy, and they also know that we mamas need lots of books! Which is why we're so excited about this awesome #PlaytexReads promotion. They're all about supporting #ForBetterBeginnings

As #PlaytexMoms, we have a special offer just for you, from March 29th to April 26th when you buy any children’s book on you will receive $5.00 off select (some exclusions) Playtex Baby product. 

When you start reading to your babies early on, and books are an everyday activity, you’re fostering the love of books and reading. Although, story time is engrained in the bedtime routine, (like sometimes 6 stories or more!) LOL..It’s also a fantastic quiet time activity for any time of day. 

Creating a fun, comfortable and cozy reading environment, plus supplying new books on the regular, is a great way to encourage the interest of reading, and independent reading as your kids get older. Not only is reading fabulous at supporting early literacy, but books are an incredible way to help your child understand life and the world around them. There’s literally a book about every milestone out there, trust us, we’ve read them. If you haven’t potty trained yet, make sure to invest in some good potty training stories, they go along way.

After 8 years of bedtime story time, and beyond, we have a plethora of books we LOVE to read our kids. 

Here are some of our top picks, and our kids top picks:  

Goodnight Moon
Anything by: Robert Munsch..just anything! 
The Book With No Pictures - This one never gets old (Just ask our kids)
Anything Dr. Seuss
Have you Filled a Bucket Today?
Judy Moody - Hilarious, even for parents

All of these awesome books can be found at and we want you to check them out. So make sure to take advantage of that special offer from Playtex Baby.

And remember, it’s never too early to start reading to your baby. In fact, reading to your baby from birth is encourage. 

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

We hope you’ll enjoy some of the books we’ve shared with you, as much as we do. 

Happy Reading!

XO Vanessa+Melissa

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