5 Tips to Help Make Mornings a Little Smoother

Even if you’re the most organized parent #PlaytexMoms, the chaos around morning time with the littles can be a struggle, or if we’re being totally honest, a gong show, #ForBetterBeginnings. Firstly, the success of the morning routine depends on what happens the night before. Meaning, did we sleep? Was the baby crying? Who jumped in our bed mid-night? Did someone develop a fever? Or did someone pee the bed, maybe even in Mommy and Daddy’s bed for the win? Those are fun nights! Said no mom ever. 

As SAHWM’s with 6 kids, we know how hard it is to get everyone fed, dressed and ready for the day, PLUS dressing yourself and maybe trowing on some make-up. And let’s not forget the packed lunches, and moods we may encounter from our crew. 

So to make things easier, here are some of our tips to help make your mornings a little smoother: 

1. Have your kids outfits planned the night before. If your kids like choosing their own outfits, let them do it. 

2. Have the lunches in the fridge ready to go the night before, add sandwiches the morning of, so they still taste fresh. 

3. Try having quick, heathy breakfast foods ready in the fridge like; hard boiled eggs, overnight oats, saved pancakes to pop in the toaster, yogurt, cereal and fruit. 

4. Have your baby bottles ready to go in the fridge for morning time. Formula lasts up to 24 hours in the fridge. We always have our Playtex Nursers, or VentAire bottles ready to go for morning feed.

5. Have school bags ready to go by the front door, so they’re easily packed, and delegate this job to your kids. 

We just love this video from Playtex Baby, because it pretty much sums up our scrambled mornings, and probably yours! You can see more of these #Momtruth videos on the Playtex Baby Instagram page!

We hope these ideas help make your morning at least a little smoother, and remember when you’re in the midst of the morning craziness..we are right there with you! 

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XO Vanessa+Melissa #PlaytexMoms #ForBetterBegginings