Did you know that today is Global Hug Your Kid Day? I think we can all agree that giving and receiving hugs feels good, or even great! But aside from the warm feelings we get from hugs, there is also true scientific evidence that supports the amazing benefits of skin-to-skin hugs, especially with babies. Huggies has always believed in the power of skin-to-skin, and regularly educates parents around it’s incredible benefits. 

Firstly, if you’re a new parent, or parent to be, and are wondering, ‘what is skin-to-skin?’ It’s when you hold your baby in only a diaper against your bare chest. You can do this within minutes of birth, and continue for days, weeks and months after birth. We still love skin-to-skin cuddles with our babies. There are many proven health benefits to practicing skin-to-skin with your baby. For example; improved sleep, more stable heart rate, improved oxygen levels, and healthier brain development. How incredible is that? By holding your baby skin-to-skin, your baby benefits so greatly, and the boding is so beautiful.

We recently had the opportunity to attend one of Huggies fabulous  events, where they brought in experts from around the country to speak about the power of touch, skin-to-skin, and hugs. 

Sometimes, when we think of cuddling and hugs, we may only think of bedtime, nap time, or play time, when in fact there are so many wonderful moments throughout the day to continually hug our babies. 

Did you know that the average child has up to 5,000 diaper changes in their lifetime?! We knew it was a lot, but, wow! Skin-to-skin hugs are a great way to end each diaper change, giving you an additional 5,000 opportunities to hug your beautiful babies. Win, win!

To make diapering a smooth and safe experience for parents and babies, Huggies shared some really handy tips with us. Because let’s be honest, how many parents had really changed diapers before having kids. Maybe a few, but these points are a great reminder. 

  1. Have Your Supplies Nearby: We love creating several easy and accessible baby changing stations throughout the home, which includes our Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers, a change pad, Huggies Natural Care Wipes, and some diapering cream if needed. **And NEVER leave your baby unattended while diapering, not even for a minute. 
  2. Take A Closer Look: Diapering is a great opportunity to look closely at our babies to skin for any rashes, or bumps. 
  3. Prep Baby Comfortably: Using one hand gently around your baby’s ankles, lift baby’s bottom and wipe with Huggies Natural Care wipes. Even if it’s just a pee, you always want to keep baby’s skin clean. Wipe front to back, especially for girls. Use diaper cream if needed. 
  4. Apply Diaper: Again, using one hand gently around your babies ankles, lift baby’s bottom and place the diaper underneath. Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers are easy to use and every diaper has “front” and “back” written on them, for less confusion.  (Back of the diaper is the side with no decorations). Fasten the tabs to the decorated strip on the front of the diaper. 
  5. Final Check: Make sure your baby’s bum is fully covered for full protection and to avoid leaks. Also ensure the diaper is snug, but not pinching anywhere. The pocketed waistband helps keep in the mess of those poopie explosions. And lastly, make sure the diaper flaps are up and the ruffle is out to prevent leaks. 
  6. HUG YOUR BABY: Take this moment for some skin-to-skin, and enjoy the love. 

Like you, we love our children and want to give them the absolute best start in life. Knowing that the beautiful act of hugging, and skin-to-skin is so beneficial just makes us want to hug them that much more. So go HUG your babies, and please spread the word, today is Global Hug Your Kid Day, but let’s make sure to do it everyday! 

XO Vanessa+Melissa


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