Leaks, Spills, Drips... Heck No, not for this mama!


Leaks, Spills, Drips…

Heck NO! Not for this mama!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Rubbermaid® BRILLIANCE™ for IZEA Worldwide. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am a food-storage container queen.  

Okay, once you become a mom, and you know the power of leftovers, I think we all become obsessed with the best way to store them! We understand the importance of being able to save leftovers, travel with snacks or pack lunches to eat on the to go!

However, as moms we also take into consideration things like BPA, whether you can microwave the container and, possibly most crucial, “IS THIS THING LEAK PROOF?”

Ironically, the day before I got a chance to unbox my new Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE set, I pulled my laptop out of a bag with leftover Lentil Soup all in the bottom, which had leaked out of the container I was using. *sigh*

I looked over at my new set and cringed at the thought of cleaning out the bottom of my purse. But I did, because of #momlife. And then I pulled out my new set and paired each lid to the base. So satisfying! I love having all my containers stacked just so. Anyone relate?! 

At first, I noticed how neatly they stacked onto each other. But then - the REAL moment that I actually had to drop everything and Instatory about was - the SOUND! Yes, you read right, the SOUND the Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE lid made as I locked it over the base.

As a tenured mom, who has been around the “leaky-container” block I knew in my heart, from that sound alone, that these containers were going to fulfill the promise of being completely 100% Leakproof/spill proof…(they even say “guaranteed”)!

So I obviously wanted to test those bad boys out quick.  I poured my fresh carrot ginger soup into the container (because they also don’t stain!!), and passed it to the ultimate product tester… my nearly 2-year-old wild child.  

I let him shake, drop, rattle and roll.  He gave me the look of, “What is going on here, why can I not make a mess!?”

I smiled a sweet smirk because I felt like I’d actually won something! I found a plastic container that can be reheated (only in a microwave), is BPA free and 100% safe! SCORE

Oh yah, and bonus points that my baby cannot break into it and spill that yummy extra ORANGE carrot soup all over my kitchen!

You can get your own Rubbermaid® BRILLIANCE™ from Walmart

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