#MomentOfChange with Save The Children

This year, one of our proudest accomplishments was becoming Brand Ambassadors for Save The Children Canada. 


As mothers, we are drawn to the work they do.  Save The Children, is committed to making the world a better place and are continuously working to protect children around the globe.

When we became moms, both of our lives changed.  Our priorities and perspectives moved in a completely new direction.  Now we have a new badge on our hearts, the badge of motherhood. 

Recently Save The Children started a campaign called #MomentOfChange. We've shared our moments that changed our lives forever and so can YOU! Share your own moment of change on social media (Instagram, Facebook or Twitter) and inspire others to do the same . By sharing your life changing moment, you could inspire others to create a life saving moment for someone else.  Have a peek at our #MomentOfChange below:

It's through organizations like Save The Children, that we can provide a moment of change to someone who truly needs it.  Please take a moment and join us as we head into the holidays to share YOUR MOMENT!

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Vanessa + Melissa

Kids & K9's In The city + #THINKRESCUE

Melissa's two babes were recently at such a fun photoshoot with TEAM Dog Rescue in Toronto, to be a part of their 2016 Charity Calendar.  They captured some amazing and adorable video footage, that you MUST watch if you are a baby or doggy lover like we are!

We both think this is such an amazing gift idea for ANY dog lover on your list.  

Along with the calendar, one of our favourite kid's stores, Mini Mioche is selling awesome shirts that say #THINKRESCUE on them (click the image below to go to their store)

When talking with Ashley, one of the organizers of the campaign, she said that children really are our future and when they go to school wearing a hip shirt, that contains such a strong and positive message, it really can get the conversation going among the kids and teachers.  The message then goes back home and can really help start getting families to think about RESCUE!

To purchase your own calendar click here:http://teamdogrescue.org/product/calendar-2/

5 Ideas To Teach Your Little Ones About Giving Over The Holidays!

As Christmas time approaches, a lot of parents feel the stress of meeting their little ones expectations around Christmas Gifts. 

We both feel that having our children involved in giving back from an early age is very important, but it can be difficult based on their age and understanding.  So here are some ideas and tips to help get you and your family into the spirit of giving.


1. Operation Christmas Child (Samaritans Purse)

This is an amazing idea and super easy to involve the entire family, no matter the age. You can go to their website to find box pick up locations, or use your own shoe box.  Then you can fill them up with little toys, school and hygiene items (make sure the check the list for your country allowance). Include a few dollars for shipping and drop it off. http://www.samaritanspurse.org/


At a young age it's hard for children to go into a store full of toys and colourful items and not ask for things.  Some will end up in tears because they are not getting anything.  Don't let this test your patience, they just don't understand yet.  Have a game plan and talk with them about what you are doing before you go in. At a certain age, they should be able to understand what is expected of them.  However, if they are too young in your eyes to quite understand and you are going to the dollar store, maybe plan to let them choose one small treat for a dollar.

2. Food bank/Soup Kitchen

This is a great way to have them help with their hands, going into your community and having them actually participate. Appropriate for children older than 5 years old.  Helping others, is an incredible social skill that we need to start early with our kids.


They are still young, so take into account that they will get tired or bored quickly.  Set a time limit and discuss it with your child. If you notice that the mood is changing, accept that they did some great work, praise them for it and head home.  You want to avoid creating a negative feeling for them around it this experience.

3. Run/Walk For Charity

Great experience for kids over 6, unless you can push them in a jogger stroller, then the entire family can run (Weather dependent). Create a family or mama tribe team and get out for a Christmas Run! As a team raise money for the cause and make sure educate your little ones on what you are raising the money for.


The family has to be in the mood for this run! So make sure that everyone is in on the idea.  Sometimes there are family races for short distances, or walks etc.  Make sure that you choose what is best for your team.  Make sure to pack lots of snacks and water if you have a little one in the stroller.  If anyone is tired or not into the run/walk half way through, that is OK! Remind them that you loved that they participated and that is all that matters!

4. Angel Tree/ Secret Santa Drop Off

A lot of churches and local community groups will have angel trees set up, or a secret santa box you can donate to.  Have your little ones choose an Angel (per a child or family) and go as a family to purchase the gifts, wrap them and drop them off.  It's great for kids to know that they are helping another little girl or boy have a beautiful Christmas as well and understand that there are families that are less fortunate out there.


If your little ones still believe in Santa, this might be a difficult one to explain so it might work better for older kids. If the child is older and has an allowance this is a great time to help them understand about giving back and donating some of their money to help others.  They could even pitch in on some of the cost to buy the gift(s).

5. 25 Days of Giving Back

This is such a FUN idea and you can find ideas online or create your own calendar for your family.  It can be simple tasks such as giving a card to Grandma and Grandpa, or something like baking a small treat for the postman! 


Try to make the ideas fun for each day.  This really helps your child to consciously do something kind for others everyday.