You really cannot ever be fully prepared for what comes along with motherhood.  When my first baby was born, we noticed that he was not a happy camper, and he was later diagnosed with a milk allergy.  If milk was in anything he ate or drank, he would have a reaction within the day, and it could take up to three days for the inflammation to subside.  Due to this, our entire eating habits changed. Over the years, our family has transitioned from no dairy, to vegetarian to plant-based. This was initially to help our son, and he soon was quickly able to recognize the foods he could or could not eat.  He knew to ask at parties if foods had dairy in them, and if he could not get a definite answer, he’d stay away.



I knew this was something he got used to over the years, but it wasn’t until his 6th birthday party that dealing with allergies took a unique twist.  Our son wanted to invite a friend of his from school to his birthday party, however he had a very long list of severe allergies, so he was usually unable to eat at friends’ parties.  My son was set on us making him an allergy friendly party, right down to the cake so his little friend could partake in the entire party. So we did.

This meant a few things.  First off, we had to prepare our kitchen for the food.  Ensuring that there were no allergens and we did a thorough clean.  We checked all food labels, and even went further to make sure if there was an ingredient that we were not quite sure of, to look it up.  We have learned over the years that milk and milk derived ingredients can be hidden in unique names such as:

Casein & caseinates — ammonium caseinate, calcium caseinate, hydrolyzed casein, iron caseinate magnesium caseinate, potassium caseinate, sodium caseinate, zinc caseinate, Hydrolysates — casein hydrolysate, milk protein hydrolysate, protein hydrolysate, whey hydrolysate, whey protein hydrolysate … just to name a few.



So after we did the “triple check” -- once at the store before buying it, once when you get home and put it away, and again before you serve or eat the product, we were off to the races.  We made some yummy treats that all of the children could enjoy, and a cake with non-dairy icing! Yum!

As a mom of a child with an allergy, I am constantly trying to learn new recipes to keep meal time fun. But what is equally important is to be aware of how to keep my kitchen safe for my son and his friends with food allergies.  Recently we had the chance to join expert home cook and allergy awareness advocate Thea Vanherwaarden and Team NASCAR driver/ Food Allergy Canada ambassador, and NASCAR driver Alex Tagliani to learn some new allergy- friendly recipes and tips, which as a fellow allergy advocate, I wanted to share with all our mom-tribe today.


Melissa’s favorite safety tips when dealing with a food allergy:

  1. Read food labels each and every time you buy something. Manufacturers can change their production process and alter their products at any time

  2. Cook meals that are free of the person’s allergens first, using separate cookware and serving utensils. Keep the food covered in a space where it will not be splashed or come into contact with other foods.

  3. Use two different cutting boards: one dedicated to allergy-safe meal preparation.

  4. Wash hands often with soap and water

*Note: Even with all your kitchen precautions, you may still come in contact with your allergen. Be sure to always be prepared by carrying an epinephrine auto-injector with you at all times.
Disclosure: Epinephrine auto-injectors are indicated for the emergency treatment of anaphylaxis. This product may not be right for you. Always read and follow the label.



Acai bowl

A refreshing addition to breakfast or any meal, easy and quick to make. The fresh fruit and seed toppings are simply gorgeous. Download this recipe!


Inspired by west coast culinary fusion, this sushi calls for chicken instead of fish. Let your creativity loose for inspiring additional filling ideas. Download this recipe

Chicken tacos with mango salsa and chickpea avocado crema

These chicken tacos will have any guest asking for more. A pop of spice from the chicken is cooled down perfectly with a creamy chickpea and avocado crema. Serve with a side of tradition­al black beans and you have yourself a Mexican fiesta. Download this recipe!


If you know of a mom who has a little one with an allergy or you are a mama trying to cook for someone with an allergy, share this blog and head to foodallergycanada.ca/SummerofTAG for more allergy-friendly recipes and tips on how to stay safe in the kitchen.


This post is sponsored by Pfizer Canada. All views and opinions are my own.

How Hand-Me-Downy Clothing Swap Got Us the Most Value from Our Kids' Clothes


If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that kids grow up way too fast and are constantly outgrowing their clothes. That’s why we decided to share our number one tip for getting the most value out of our kids’ clothes: we always add Downy Fabric Conditioner to the wash! With six kids between us, our families rely on hand me downs and are constantly cycling kids’ wardrobes between each other. Not only does it benefit our wallet – but the planet, too. Sustainability is important to both of us, and we are conscious of the actions we take and the impact they have on the planet.

Why? We couldn’t believe that North Americans send 10.5 million tonnes of textiles to the landfill every year. In Canada alone, if all clothing put into landfills was gathered together, it would fill the Rogers Centre three times. Scary! Giving and receiving hand-me-downs helps keep clothes out of landfills longer, and by doing so – you help the environment!

If your kids are as active as ours are, you’re probably doing a lot of laundry, too! When you wash with Tide and Downy together, you keep clothes looking newer 50% longer. This combo helps protect our kids’ clothing so they can be worn, re-worn and handed down and loved even longer and not worn out and thrown out too soon! We then can pass our favourite pieces down in our own families and friends, encouraging them to continue the hand-me-down tradition!

How does Downy work so well? It’s designed to protect clothes from stretching, fading and fuzz, helping keep our kids’ clothing in great shape for handing down to others

To make hand me downs more fun and engaging, we recommend throwing a party to swap clothes. We recently hosted our own Hand-Me-Downy Kids’ Clothing Swap Party, where each mom was invited to bring a bag of their used kids’ clothes. As a result, we each walked away with a season’s worth of new stuff, without spending a dime. It’s a fantastic idea that can save you time, money. You also feel good knowing that you are helping the environment and keeping clothes out of the landfills for as long as possible.


Interested in hosting your own Hand-Me-Downy Kids’ Clothing Swap Party? Simply visit http://handmedowny.ca for more information on Downy Fabric Conditioner and to receive a $2-off coupon so you can grab your own bottle. There are also some great tips for how to throw your own swap party. Because as moms, who wouldn’t like an excellent reason to have a girl’s get together!?


XO Vanessa+Melissa

#HandMeDowny #Ad



Okay I may have made a mistake and loaded this a day early, but maybe it was meant to be... hope this makes your Tuesday just a little bit better;)


"If these tips don't work... just drink some wine 🍷 " 😂.

What's your number one TIP to being happy??



STOP SAYING SORRY...listen, we might sing some Justin Bieber ...to reiterate our point 🙈🤣🤛🏻

Just having a little fun with this one ... but also dishing out how we try to get our Happy On!

I MICROBLADED MY BROWS: Melissa's weekly vLog

Guys, a lot of mamas have been asking about this morning routine saver.  We are talking NO more brow pencils, having the same shape of eyebrow every day (come on... you cannot draw that puppy on the same way each time.. lol). Going swimming with the kids and not being afraid to dunk your heads and misplacing your brows!  Watch what goes into having my eyebrows microbladed by Ashely from Highbrow Life!

Check out her other work at www.instagram.com/highbrowlife



3rd Times A Charm ... The Best Bottle For A Stay At Home Working Mama! #Forbetterbeginnings

It never dawned on me that with my third baby, things that I was good at with baby one and two, I might not be as good at, or even successful with the third time around. That saying, “third times a charm", rings a bell, however with this little guy, he had is own agenda.  

Each baby truly is so different, and nothing could be more true with our third.  After a high risk pregnancy, a premature birth, and a short stint in the NICU, my little man arrived home calm, and happy to be here!  He slept, ate and cuddled like clock work and this mama had felt like she hit the jackpot.  With a previous GERD baby, and one COLIC baby, my husband and I were expecting it to be way different.  However, while baby was rather easy, my milk production and breast feeding was not.

My milk came in late, and because he was premature I had to pump around the clock.  Along with that, while in the NICU he was being supplemented via NG tube every three hours so his blood sugars would not crash.   

When we were finally released he was nursing just fine, and things seemed perfect.  However, as each week passed he hit rapid growth spurts, and my milk could not keep up.  I knew as a third time mom what I needed to do, I just wanted my baby to be fed and happy.

I turned to the bottles which I trusted for all of my children.  7 years ago with my colic son (in image below) we used the Playtex Baby™ Nurser® with Drop-Ins® Liners. He loved those bottles, and mama felt the same way.  I also loved using the Playtex Baby™ VentAire®, which has a unique  Anti-Colic Bottom Vent helps prevent air ingestion for less gas, spit-up and fussiness! (Once you have had a colic baby you know just how important this is!)

I also looked to Playtex Baby for the soothers, because in the NICU all the babies are given soothers.  So I made sure to transition him to a Playtex® Ortho-Pro® Pacifier which was perfect for his tiny mouth.


I knew with the sterile liners, it was one less step for mommy and daddy when prepping bottles.  Daddy also felt more confident at just how easy it was to pop in a liner and have a bottle ready to go right away.

As a busy working mom of three, only needing to sterile nipples quickly in the microwave, is one reason I found the Playtex Baby™ Nurser® with Drop-Ins® Liners so much more convenient. 

 Along with that, because I am a working mama, my babe joins us on filming days, in meetings or comes along for road trips.  Instead of having to pack a handful of bulky bottles, the liners allow me to only bring one nurser bottle, a baggie of sterile nipples and a few liners!  Easy!

Having a colic baby in the past I have dealt with the gassy bubbles a well!  This was another reason why we loved the PlaytexBaby™ Nurser® bottle.  With the liners, we are able to push all the air out of the bottle, meaning no air was getting into our little ones tummy.

Lastly, as a third time mom I knew that giving the other two children opportunities to share in special moments like feeding the baby would be key to making a happy transition once the baby arrived.   

One of the tips we received on our social media, when asking how to help our youngest adjust to a new baby- was to let her feed him.  This was an amazing idea, as you can see in our vlog below- she just LOVED that chance when she got to feed her little baby brother.

Oh, actually I have one more reason why I loved having baby on the bottle.  It meant that mama could actually get some down time or a break because now anyone could help with the feeds!  Mamas, if this is baby one for you, I can’t tell you just how important that is (and how amazing it feels).





If you are looking for a bottle to help with colic or that are super easy to use (especially for hubby) you can find them here:

·         Nurser Bottles amazon.CA: http://tr4ckit.com/ivr3

·         Nurser Bottles toysrus.CA: http://tr4ckit.com/f38m

·         Nurser Bottles walmart.CA: http://tr4ckit.com/6sd5

·         Nurser Bottles playtexbaby.cahttp://tr4ckit.com/4wot

·         Soothers amazon.CA: http://tr4ckit.com/k68i

·         Soothers playtexbaby.CA: http://tr4ckit.com/lclg



Pregnant or Plan on Getting Pregnant? Here’s What You Need to Know About Vaccinations

La traduction en français de cet article est ci-dessous

Melissa and I were both pregnant with our first babies in 2009/2010. As newly pregnant ladies, we were both over the moon. Of course, we were nervous about what lay ahead, but mostly, we were both filled with joy with the blessings we were carrying in our bellies. There had been a time when Melissa wasn’t sure she even wanted to be a parent, but at 25, when she held her baby for the first time, her life changed in the most beautiful way forever. I, on the other hand, just assumed that one day I would be a mother, as many young women do.

Although we have different approaches to parenting, (Melissa tends to have a more holistic, natural approach, whereas I’m more prone to mainstream, scientific studies), we definitely share the same values and morals when it comes to our families. 

During our pregnancies, our health and our babies' health, were always top of mind. Exercise, vitamins, a great diet and having a healthy mindset was always the goal for both of us, but in reality you can’t always control what surrounds you when you’re pregnant. 

During our first pregnancies, we started hearing about the H1N1 swine flu that was spreading rapidly and eventually became a pandemic in Canada. I remember thinking, just my luck! The minute I get pregnant, this terrifying flu starts going around. We were terrified of catching this flu because we were hearing of so many pregnant women who were being hospitalized. 

During our routine OB & Midwifery appointments, we were both told we should have a vaccination against this flu strain. Although we were nervous to get any vaccinations while pregnant, the benefits of being vaccinated against the H1N1 Flu outweighed any minimal risks. My O.B. at St. Michael's Hospital went over all the facts, as did Melissa's midwife. We are so thankful we got ourselves vaccinated against this sometimes, deadly flu. We later learned from media that in Canada, roughly 10% of the population had been infected with the virus, with 428 confirmed deaths as of Feb. 2010. We were happy we didn’t take the risk of being unvaccinated. Nine months later we both delivered healthy babies, who are now 5 and 6 years old.   

To be honest with you, before we both became pregnant we hadn’t really given much thought to vaccinations. Not until people were getting sick from the H1N1 flu. Once we had our babies, we became much more aware of the vaccinations recommended for all babies, toddlers, children and adults. We both made the educated decision to keep our kids and ourselves up to date. It just made sense to us, considering many diseases that used to kill or cause serious harm are now either eradicated or greatly reduced because of vaccines.

Actually, I have to admit that during my 2nd pregnancy, I had my daughter and my husband vaccinated for the flu, but missed my own vaccination. At 28 weeks pregnant I ended up in the hospital with the flu and a nasty fever. I recovered, but learned my lesson. I didn’t miss my flu vaccination for baby #3, currently on board.  

Now, what frightens us, are parents who don’t vaccinate their kids because they’re misinformed or fearful. Immunizations protect children in schools and daycare centres where diseases are easily spread. Vaccinating is definitely a community effort and when we all vaccinate, we help protect the very young, elderly and chronically ill who can potentially die from preventable diseases. It’s that simple. 

As Moms, we totally understand that there are a ton of conflicting opinions on every parenting subject you can think of and all parents really want is the best for their kids. When it comes to vaccinations, the best thing you can do is to educate yourself through scientific and reliable sources. Talk to your doctor, ask questions.

If you’re not sure of the vaccination schedules for babies and children check out this link: https://www.ontario.ca/page/vaccines-babies-and-toddlers

Also, make sure to keep yourself vaccinated so you don’t pass anything to your kids or anyone else’s. https://www.ontario.ca/page/vaccines-adults

Vaccines are really the best way to protect your kids from certain disease. Most vaccines are effective 90 to 100% of the time. Let’s keep our kids and communities safe from these diseases. 

Stay Healthy!

XO Vanessa+Melissa

This post was developed in association with the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. The opinions of the author are their own.

Getting your family immunized is an important part of creating a foundation for a healthy life and it’s normal to have questions. Here’s the information you need to make an informed decision for your family.


Vous êtes enceinte ou vous prévoyez le devenir? Voici ce dont vous avez besoin de savoir sur la vaccination.

Melissa et moi étions toutes deux enceintes de nos premiers bébés en 2009-2010. En tant que femmes nouvellement enceintes, nous étions toutes deux surexcitées. Nous étions bien sûr anxieuses de savoir ce qui nous attendait, mais plus important encore, nous étions toutes deux remplies de joie à l’idée de porter dans notre ventre une source de bénédictions. Il fut un temps où Melissa n’était pas certaine de vouloir même être parent, mais à 25 ans, lorsqu’elle porta son bébé dans ses bras pour la première fois, sa vie changea à jamais de la plus merveilleuse façon qui soit. Quant à moi, j’avais tout simplement présumé, comme un grand nombre de jeunes femmes, qu’un jour, je deviendrais mère. 

Bien que nos approches en matière d’éducation des enfants étaient différentes, (Melissa avait tendance à adopter une approche plus holistique et naturelle alors que j’étais portée à favoriser les études scientifiques traditionnelles), il n’y avait aucun doute que nous partagions les mêmes valeurs et la même éthique lorsqu’il s’agit de notre famille. 

Pendant notre grossesse, notre santé et celle de notre bébé étaient toujours au cœur de nos priorités. Nous avions toutes deux comme buts de faire de l’exercice, de prendre des vitamines, de suivre un excellent régime alimentaire et d’adopter une attitude positive, mais en fait, il n’est pas toujours possible d’avoir le contrôle de son environnement lorsque l’on est enceinte. 

Au cours de nos premières grossesses, nous commençions à entendre parler de la grippe porcine H1N1 qui se propageait rapidement et qui avait dégénéré par la suite en une pandémie au Canada. Je me rappelle avoir pensé que c’était bien ma chance! Aussitôt enceinte, ce terrible fléau commençait à se répandre. Nous étions terrorisées à l’idée d’attraper cette grippe parce qu’il y avait tellement de femmes enceintes qui étaient hospitalisées.

Lors de nos rendez-vous de routine avec l’obstétricien et la sage-femme, nous avions reçu toutes deux la recommandation de nous faire vacciner contre cette souche de grippe. Bien que nous étions anxieuses à aller de l’avant avec cette idée en étant enceintes, les avantages du vaccin contre la grippe H1N1 dépassaient tout risque si minime soit-il. Mon obstétricien à l’Hôpital St. Michael’s avait passé en revue avec moi tous les faits, tout comme la sage-femme de Melissa. Nous avons été tellement reconnaissantes de nous faire vacciner contre cette grippe parfois mortelle. Nous avons par la suite appris par les médias qu’au Canada,  

près de 10 % de la population avait été infectée par ce virus, dont 428 décès confirmés en date du mois de février 2010. Nous étions heureuses de ne pas avoir pris le risque de demeurer non vaccinées. Neuf mois plus tard, nous accouchions toutes deux de bébés en santé, maintenant âgés de 5 et de 6 ans. 

À vrai dire, avant de tomber toutes deux enceintes, nous n’avions pas réellement pensé à nous faire vacciner. Jusqu’à ce qu’une partie de la population tombe malade à cause de la grippe H1N1. Une fois que nous avons eu chacune notre bébé, nous sommes devenues beaucoup plus informées des vaccins recommandés pour tous les bébés, les tout-petits, les enfants et les adultes. Nous avons toutes deux pris la décision éclairée de demeurer à jour en ce qui concerne nos vaccins et ceux de nos enfants. Cette décision nous semblait logique, compte tenu qu’un grand nombre de maladies qui tuaient les gens ou leur causaient de graves symptômes sont maintenant éradiquées ou réduites grandement grâce aux vaccins.  

En fait, je dois dire que pendant ma deuxième grossesse, j’ai demandé à ma fille et à mon mari de se faire vacciner contre la grippe, mais que j’ai oublié mon propre vaccin. À 28 semaines de grossesse, je me suis retrouvée à l’hôpital avec la grippe et une mauvaise fièvre. Je me suis rétablie, mais j’ai appris ma leçon. Je n’ai pas oublié de me faire vacciner contre la grippe lorsque j’ai eu mon troisième bébé, qui a maintenant vu le jour. 

Ce qui nous fait peur maintenant, ce sont les parents qui ne font pas vacciner leurs enfants parce qu’ils sont mal informés ou ont peur. La vaccination protège les enfants dans les écoles et les garderies là où les maladies se propagent facilement. La vaccination est sans aucun doute une action communautaire et lorsque nous sommes tous vaccinés, nous aidons les très jeunes, les personnes âgées et les personnes atteintes d’une maladie chronique à se protéger contre les risques de mourir potentiellement de maladies évitables. C’est aussi simple que cela.

En tant que mamans, nous comprenons tout à fait qu’il existe une multitude d’opinions divergentes sur chaque sujet lié à l’éducation des enfants auquel on peut penser et que tous les parents ne veulent que le meilleur pour leurs enfants. Lorsqu’il s’agit de vaccination, la meilleure chose à faire est de se renseigner en consultant des sources scientifiques sûres. Parlez-en à votre médecin, posez-lui des questions.

Pour connaître le calendrier de vaccination pour les bébés et les enfants, veuillez cliquer sur ce lien : 


De plus, assurez-vous de vous faire vacciner régulièrement pour ne pas transmettre de maladies à vos enfants ou à quelqu’un d’autre. 


Les vaccins sont réellement la meilleure façon de protéger vos enfants contre certaines maladies. La majorité des vaccins sont efficaces dans 90 % à 100 % des cas. Prenons les moyens pour protéger nos enfants et notre collectivité contre ces maladies.

Demeurons en santé!

XO Vanessa+Melissa

Ce blogue a été rédigé en association avec le ministère de la Santé et des Soins de longue durée de l’Ontario. Les opinions de l’ auteure lui appartiennent.  

Vaccines.. they don't have to hurt! Evidence based tips to Help Kids cope

The dreaded vaccine needles....  

Although we strongly believe that all children should be vaccinated, we are the first to admit that we both struggle with vaccination time!  It can be quite painful for mom, and babe!

We love the new campaign out, #ITDOESNTHAVETOHURT and we were inspired to learn more about this evidence-based pain care, in order to help our little ones deal with child-hood needles or how to better cope in any situation that requires potentially 'painful' medical attention.

Recently we interviewed Child Life Specialist Christine Shadd, who works at SickKids Hospital, asking her what are the best tips for reducing pain and helping our children cope with needles! 

8 Tips to help during needles 

1.       Don’t lie to your kids if they ask if there is going to be a needle, or if it will hurt, tell them the truth.

2.        If needed you can request the use of numbing creams, sugar water or breastfeeding is great to do during vaccines!

3.       Use comfortable positioning, for example being cradled in arms

4.       For older kids if you can, give them a job, like holding the bandaids or cotton balls

5.       Don't forget about the magic of distraction!!! (blowing bubbles, smart phone/iPad, singing, toys)

6.       If you are anxious about needles, do not share that with your child.  Do NOT say in front of your child that you or spouse struggle with needles, have a calm soft voice while using POSITIVE words

7.     Don’t tell them “it’s going to be ok” or “it won’t last long”. rather tell them they are doing a great job holding still or count to ten with them for distraction

8.       Be prepared with immediate reward (i.e. lollipop, small toy, stickers…whatever they will be excited about)


Want to hear more of her amazing tips?  Click the video below!


Here are some amazing links that we LOVE!

About Kids Health – Painfree Injections in Babies


It Doesn’t Have to Hurt Campaign


Baby laughing while getting vaccines – Dr. Darden, Maryland (YouTube)


   Christine Shadd, BA, CCLS    Certified Child Life Specialist – Outpatient Clinics  The Hospital for Sick Children

Christine Shadd, BA, CCLS

Certified Child Life Specialist – Outpatient Clinics

The Hospital for Sick Children

The Best Diet EVER.. Is the one that works for YOU!

You have probably heard about all the different diets, nutritional lifestyle plans and crash diets/programs to hep you get fit, lose weight, drop the baby weight or even to change your beliefs around food!

As someone who has a major passion for health and nutrition, (plus I'm very curious about the latest food fads) I took the entire month of January to test out some of the hottest diets out there and have provided you with my full review.

Here are the FOUR types of diets I tested:

  1. Raw food (provided by Rawlicious)
  2. Juicing (PURE Juice Bar)
  3. The Planet Friendly Diet
  4. IIFYM (or Flexible dieting)

Raw Food:

This was a one week journey for me with NO cooked food.  No items are allowed to be heated above 118 degrees.  For this diet, I used the Raw Food Cleanse created by Rawlcious, which was really interesting, because I wasn't quite sure even how to go a full day eating RAW!


I was nervous for this one, to be honest.  I'm going to embarrass myself and admit that almost a decade ago I tried the Beyonce diet (we are talking lemon water with maple syrup and cayenne pepper).  I somehow convinced my then finance, (now husband) to attempt this with me. By day 3 we were both angry and found ourselves at the local burger joint before lunch time!

This diets was a variety of juices and no eating of anything solid for five days! Yes, 5 days!! 

The Planet Friendly Diet:

This one intrigued me as a mother and as someone who is quite passionate about the state of our environment and mother earth. We had recently received a press release about this new book written by Cat Smiley, who is a world class athlete and also owns one of the TOP weight loss retreat centres for women, in Canada.  She just released a new book/cookbook which gives support and guidance to create a healthy lifestyle change, while minimizing your carbon footprint!  I was SO excited to try this one out and learn in the process!

MACROS/ IIFYM/ Flexible Dieting

Okay, so I had tried this before and decided to finish off the month with something that is rather familiar to me.  The theory here is you can eat whatever you want, just within your specific bank allotment of carbs, proteins and fats. Sounds amazing right!!! Well three donuts don't quite fit, but you can definitely fit in some treats here and there.

Click Here for my review in this weeks Mommy Talk vLog!

After one month of trying these diets...here is my review

Raw Vegan:



  • Quick prep.
  • Reduces your intake of dairy, meats and processed food.
  • Allows you to receive enzymes (which are killed during cooking) and we were told during our interview with Chelsea from Rawlicious, this is the key to looking young!


  • It is quite difficult to get used to.
  • It eliminates a lot of foods, which can be hard for a family. 
  • You will require additional b12 in your diet via vitamins.
  • Won't always equal weight loss immediately, because you are still eating a healthy amount of food.


EASE (6)


FAMILY FRIENDLY (5) *depending on your comfort levels 


TIPS: Prepare snacks ahead of time like raw vegan protein balls. Take this one day at a time and do not be hard on yourself if you struggle in the beginning.  Try the RAW UNTIL 4 plan first (smoothie, big raw salad and then a clean healthy dinner with your family)




  • Lots of energy from the healthy smoothies and yummy dinners.
  • Easy to include the family.
  • Perfect for any level of nutritional knowledge because she gives you ALL the tools you need!


  • You must be prepared with food to stick to the exact diet.
  • It may be difficult to get used to not eating meals during the day.
  • Once you are done the 21 days, you will have to ease back into adding in more calories again or it could result in weight gain (but she does a great job of teaching you how to do that in the book!)


EASE (9)




TIPS: Make sure to have all your ingredients on hand.  Pre-make your snacks and make sure to have them ready. Read the entire book, because it is full of valuable information for when you are done!




  • Instant weight loss.
  • Helps you get a clean slate and get ready for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Reduces your reliance on processed and unhealthy foods.
  • Forces you to take down time.


  • It is not easy.
  • It is not sustainable past the 3-5 day mark.
  • Not as much energy as you may be used to.
  • Your family cannot partake in the cleanse, however you can include healthy juices for everyone afterwards!


EASE (5)


FAMILY FRIENDLY (3) *the cleanse is not for the family, but they can all drink healthy juices with you!

WEIGHT LOSS (10) *please note the wait lost during the cleanse can come back quickly if you jump back into bad foods immediately.

Flexible Dieting



  • This nutritional lifestyle allows ALL foods
  • You can apply this theory to ANY lifestyle, if you want to be vegan, eat vegan just make sure to hit your protein/carbs and fats
  • You can eat what your family eats 
  • It prevents yo-yo dieting because there are no restrictions and food automatically loses its appeal because nothing is off limits
  • You can eat lighter in the morning, so that you can enjoy a night out!


  • It takes time to get used to
  • You have to track everything you eat
  • You need to learn to use an app and it can be unenjoyable if tracking food is a negative for you
  • You need to learn to pre-track so that you are not at dinner with your family on your phone tracking
TIPS: Practise using the app My Fitness Pal before you officially start, with your own daily routine (not even aiming to hit the numbers) because it can be daunting at first.  Then use a macro calculator based on your goals to find out your numbers.  Be patient because it will take some time.  Seek out resources online to help! Be patient, it can take a few months to be comfortable and you might not lose weight right away.


EASE (7) *once you are used to it, it becomes second nature


FAMILY FRIENDLY (10) *The family doesn't do this, however it allows you to eat all the time with your family and not making you buy separate groceries

WEIGHT LOSS (8) You will lose weight, you just need to be a little more patient. 

Meet Amanda Muse, YOUTUBE superstar and Mom!

Vanessa and I recently had the opportunity to meet Amanda Muse, who is just a regular mom of two beautiful children, who travels the world, and has over 30,000 followers on YouTube. 

Okay, so wait, she's also a Mommy Super Star!!

We got to sit down and chat with Amanda, and talk about some fun things us ladies went through, once we became moms! Join in our chat by clicking below and let us know your thoughts!

To follow Amanda go to: https://www.youtube.com/user/AmandaMuse


Vanessa + Melissa