“No one's life is perfect, whether you're in the spotlight or not.  We all have our struggles ..and it's so important to talk to someone if you need to.. “ 

Maripier Morin ( from the Hockey Wives shares how she deals with her struggles and her best tip for not letting the falsehood of social media destroy you~ 
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Must have baby items, every mom needs to know about!

As two moms with 5 children between us (and one on the way) we know a lot about what you do and what you do NOT need in the first year of your babes life.  So we compiled a list, and featured some of our favourite products on a recent segment of our talk show, "Vanessa + Melissa". Watch the segment to hear just why we loved these items, and click on the images below for for information on each.

What are some of your must have items, share them in the comments below!



Phil & Ted Dash Double Stroller

Ollie Swaddle

Playtex® VentAire® Bottle Set 



Lorena Canals Machine-Washable Rugs

"Find something you love, balance will follow" our interview with Julie Montagu

You know when you find another mom that just motivates you? A mom and business woman, that truly inspires you?  We  feel this way about Julie Montagu.  

If you don't know her, she is a leading lady on the Bravo hit TV series, The Ladies Of London. She has her own Yoga practice, has written 3 books (the last one to be released soon) and is also royalty (she says what North Americans call royalty, in England is called, "aristocracy")

With a passion for foods and a lifestyle that heals and gives you energy, she has been able to help fuel herself out of the "Mom coffee crash". Julie also helped her own husband to heal, when he became sick over 7 years ago.  She exudes the same passion and expertise for her yoga practice, which she started on a grass roots level years ago in a church basement.  When she began her Yoga teachings, she would bring yummy dishes to the women who participated and taught them about the benefits of chia seeds, buckwheat and which foods were good for you and why.

She is an abundance of energy, you can feel her love for her family and LIFE!  This interview is a must see, for a dose of mommy motivation.

Plus she shares with us the "Key To Balance":

"You have to find something you love, it makes balance so much easier"

Vaccines.. they don't have to hurt! Evidence based tips to Help Kids cope

The dreaded vaccine needles....  

Although we strongly believe that all children should be vaccinated, we are the first to admit that we both struggle with vaccination time!  It can be quite painful for mom, and babe!

We love the new campaign out, #ITDOESNTHAVETOHURT and we were inspired to learn more about this evidence-based pain care, in order to help our little ones deal with child-hood needles or how to better cope in any situation that requires potentially 'painful' medical attention.

Recently we interviewed Child Life Specialist Christine Shadd, who works at SickKids Hospital, asking her what are the best tips for reducing pain and helping our children cope with needles! 

8 Tips to help during needles 

1.       Don’t lie to your kids if they ask if there is going to be a needle, or if it will hurt, tell them the truth.

2.        If needed you can request the use of numbing creams, sugar water or breastfeeding is great to do during vaccines!

3.       Use comfortable positioning, for example being cradled in arms

4.       For older kids if you can, give them a job, like holding the bandaids or cotton balls

5.       Don't forget about the magic of distraction!!! (blowing bubbles, smart phone/iPad, singing, toys)

6.       If you are anxious about needles, do not share that with your child.  Do NOT say in front of your child that you or spouse struggle with needles, have a calm soft voice while using POSITIVE words

7.     Don’t tell them “it’s going to be ok” or “it won’t last long”. rather tell them they are doing a great job holding still or count to ten with them for distraction

8.       Be prepared with immediate reward (i.e. lollipop, small toy, stickers…whatever they will be excited about)


Want to hear more of her amazing tips?  Click the video below!


Here are some amazing links that we LOVE!

About Kids Health – Painfree Injections in Babies

It Doesn’t Have to Hurt Campaign

Baby laughing while getting vaccines – Dr. Darden, Maryland (YouTube)

   Christine Shadd, BA, CCLS    Certified Child Life Specialist – Outpatient Clinics  The Hospital for Sick Children

Christine Shadd, BA, CCLS

Certified Child Life Specialist – Outpatient Clinics

The Hospital for Sick Children

Is Social Media Taking Over Your Life?

Mom Panel

For the next seven weeks, we have invited a group of Mompreneurs from all walks of life to join our Mom Panel, on Vanessa+Melissa, our parenting talk show on Rogers TV.  This amazing group of women includes a Sleep Coach, a Parenting Coach, a YouTube star, a Stay-At-Home Mom, a Step-Parenting and Blended Family Coach, plus a Child Life Specialist from Sick Kids Hospital. We love their perspectives and look forward to sharing these segments with you. 

Meet our moms 

Amanda Muse: YouTube Super Star and world traveller mom of two.

Christine Shadd: Child Life Specialist and mom of two.

Rene Roth: Business mama, turned stay-at-home mother of three.

Kelly Bourne: Parenting Coach and mom of two.

Jamie Scrimgeour: Stepfamily Support & Coaching, mother of 1 plus step mama to three!

Krista Guenther: Sleep coach and mama of three!


This week we are talking about social media and how if effects us as moms, our businesses .. our lives.  

A common feeling in the group was... 

I don't want to know how often I'm actually on social media!

LOL! Is that true or what?  The modern mom is online a LOT today, more than we all realize.  It becomes a way to pass time, a resource for parenting information, a way to stay in touch with family and more!

We talk about how to deal with negative posts, friends and family who's social media etiquette might not be the best and ways to use social media to grow your business,while not negatively impacting your family life.

Click below to watch and stay tuned for next week's topic....

How to raise a veggie lover!

With Palatetraining

Vanessa and I both love our veggies, but we will be the first to admit that our kids don't!

We know how hard it can be to get little ones to eat the greens, so we scoured the internet for someone who was doing it right!  Dr. Laura Lefkowitz, is an M.D. out of Florida and  specializes in nutrition.  She's taught us so much! Did you know that the baby palate is developed while in the womb? Or that you should never mix veggies and fruit in the same meal?  Well, take a few minutes to sit back and enjoy this video, because we know it will help you raise a veggie lover!


Top 3 rules of Palatetraining are:

1) Always start non-sweet Vegetables, then Sweet Vegetable, and finally fruit.

2) Never Mix Fruits and Vegetables.  You can mix Vegetables with grains and Fruit with grains or avocado, but never mask the taste of vegetables with fruit.

3) Serve every puree/food independently on a flat sectioned plate (like pain on a painter’s palette) and aim for 2-3 different colored food at each meal.  i.e. green peas, orange sweet potato, and yellow squash. or  Green zucchini, purple potato, and orange butternut squash.

For more information on Dr. Laura Lefkowitz: