"Find something you love, balance will follow" our interview with Julie Montagu

You know when you find another mom that just motivates you? A mom and business woman, that truly inspires you?  We  feel this way about Julie Montagu.  

If you don't know her, she is a leading lady on the Bravo hit TV series, The Ladies Of London. She has her own Yoga practice, has written 3 books (the last one to be released soon) and is also royalty (she says what North Americans call royalty, in England is called, "aristocracy")

With a passion for foods and a lifestyle that heals and gives you energy, she has been able to help fuel herself out of the "Mom coffee crash". Julie also helped her own husband to heal, when he became sick over 7 years ago.  She exudes the same passion and expertise for her yoga practice, which she started on a grass roots level years ago in a church basement.  When she began her Yoga teachings, she would bring yummy dishes to the women who participated and taught them about the benefits of chia seeds, buckwheat and which foods were good for you and why.

She is an abundance of energy, you can feel her love for her family and LIFE!  This interview is a must see, for a dose of mommy motivation.

Plus she shares with us the "Key To Balance":

"You have to find something you love, it makes balance so much easier"