TV Host Breastfeeds during segment!

Sounds so scandalous doesn't it?  But for some reason, "TV host in a bikini during summer report" does not. Is it that the word breast is in the header? Is it the thought of breastfeeding? About a boob?

However here are the two pictures....its pretty clear which one exposes more skin ;)

This was a comparison blog we were going to write in the near future. But then, something broke last week, and it wasn't another one of our babies toys.

It was the Internet (#breaktheinternet) when Kim Kardashian released images of her rear.  Now don't think this is an attack on her. Because it's not.  We love all mom's that are doing their best to love and care for their babe's.   This post was actually motivated by another beautiful mommy in the public eye, Alyssa Milano who posted this:



This was after she posted a picture of her nursing her babe, and received a lot of flack for sharing an image of her baby on her breast. 

Then another mom posted this: 



If you have been following us for a while, you know we are taking a stand as parents and mom's against mommy wars, judging and putting other moms down.  You also know we support any form of feeding that mom's choose.  Because we know all moms will always do what is best for their babes.

However, this story hit us at home hard because we produce Diapers & Lipgloss out of our love for being mommies and our children.  A lot of times, we bring our kids on TV or on set with us as we film our parenting show. We created this show hoping to provide information via mainstream media to other parents.  About events, safely and important topics that effect them and their family.

That being said- mommy, producer and co-host Melissa Shadd has a 1 year old she still nurses, on demand in fact.  

She came from a world 5 years ago where she didn't even know if she would nurse, to nursing struggles, to being embarrassed herself about #NIP (Nursing In Public). And now fully embraces the #normalizebreastfeeding moment.  Nursing at the drip of a dime, no matter where she is.

We wanted to share our support to all mom's  still finding a struggle with the people around you, as you embrace feeds for your precious baby.  

Here is Melissa on TV, filming a segment.  Her little one needed to eat, and she needed to film.  It was only right to pop her into an Ergo carrier and let her eat.  ;)