Vanessa and Melissa are TV hosts and producers for the parenting television show "Vanessa + Melissa" on the Rogers network in Canada. These ladies are full time, passionate, funny, media savvy, camera loving moms on a mission to discover, share and talk about the latest and greatest in all things related to raising healthy, happy, balanced children and families. Both lovers of fashion, fitness, and still feeling like they’re maintaining their own identities, even though they’re first and foremost moms. Both ladies love to encourage other women and parents to follow their dreams and to be confident in who they are and the choices they make.  


As much as Vanessa+Melissa love each other, they don't always agree on everything. Melissa tends to have a more holistic approach, while Vanessa can be a little set in her ways and tends to be more of a mainstream mom. At the end of the day, both aspire to; happiness, great health, peace and having all the facts. Oh, and let's not forget having lots of FUN and looking great while doing it!! 

Along with hosting their parenting show every week, they vLog, blog and hang out with their #mamatribe on social media!

Vanessa+Melissa are posting daily on their social media pages, where they’re known as Diapers & Lipgloss. Talking about their experiences, topics they’re vLogging and blogging about and all things related to the world of parenting, marriage, being a woman and well, life in general.

Both with a background in Television and Media, they’ve combined this knowledge, along with their passion for being mamas and hunger for fun into Diapers & Lipgloss Inc. 


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