Melissa is a producer and co-host on the parenting TV show "Vanessa + Melissa" that airs on the Rogers network across Canada and is now available on YouTube.  She is a small town girl with a passion for charity work, public speaking and singing! She was crowned in her first pageant in 2003 and never looked back!  Speaking to thousands of people at a time during her reign, she learned how much she loved to be in the public eye and that lead her to work over seas. 

Melissa traveled across Asia, and settled doing work in the church with at-risk-youth and teaching pre-school.

Upon her return to Canada, she worked in sales & marketing at BlackBerry, until her life took a sharp turn when she became pregnant with her first child.  Not even knowing how to diaper a baby she that knew she needed to learn fast.  The journey was bumpy, hilarious and fun!

However Melissa was still drawn back to work when her baby was only a few months old.  After battling severe postpartum depression, and feeling isolated she returned to work, but her love as a mother grew deeper and deeper as each month passed.  After a few work trips away she tossed in the towel and decided that at home with her son, was where she fit best.  

"The journey to being the best mom I could possibly be, started at that time"

With a background in fitness already, Melissa went on to be a strength & conditioning coach for university sports teams, JR hockey teams and worked one on one with women of all backgrounds to achieve their fitness and health goals!   This allowed her to be home more with her baby, so she set out on a new journey; searching every forum, Pinterest board, and website to learn as much as she could about “PARENTING”.

Over the last few years her family has gone through a lot of changes and challenges.  Her husband was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2010 and it forever changed the way she took care of her family.  She enrolled in a holistic nutrition school and set out to become a health coach so she could take care of her husband by using alternative methods to typical drugs via food and natural remedies.   Then they welcomed their 2nd baby into the world in 2013!

Fast forward …..  after working for a local TV station on an entertainment show, Melissa was set up on a blind date with Vanessa  because they both aspired to host a parenting TV show.  The two moms hit it off and the the rest is history!

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