Organics Live: Organic Produce Box

-------Ding Dong------

The doorbell rings and as a weekly ritual the family races to the Tuesday 6pm doorbell.  

"The fruits and veggie box is here!"

I will go on about the amazing box we receive every week, but first, as a mom, there is just something priceless about half of your groceries arriving at your door each week.  Even in a snow storm, when I did not want to brace the roads, our friendly delivery girl dropped us off our box of fresh, mostly local fruits and vegitables to enjoy that evening.

Here are the 8 reasons why we LOVE Organics Live Produce Box

1. Reliable delivery every week

2. Takes one thing off our plate to do each week

3. The cost of Organics Live produce box is about 20-30% less than what I would pay at a nig box grocery store, in the organic section

4. The lesson! My children love opening the box each week, learning about new types of veggies and the excitement on their face is so cute!

5. Organic Produce! But even further they always aim to source local first, but then they find the best in season available

6. The variety.  Foods that we would probably never choose to eat on our own, we are now experimenting with

7. The recipes.  They are smart at Organics Live, and know that some times there are foods that people do not know about to cook or what to do with them.  Thus, on their website each week they provide a few recipes for you to choose from!

8. The people! The people at Organics Live love what they are doing, and are passionate about the organic industry