Isabelle Grace Custom Necklaces

Looking for a beautiful gift for a special mommy in your life?  Already bought the perfume, pearls and slippers?

There is a hot item on the market that is gorgeous, and will bring a tear to any mothers eyes.

Mommy Melissa, recently received a beautiful necklace from Isabelle Grace. Upon opening it the emotions and tears were rolling.  With three stunning pendants, two with her littles initials engraved on it, and the third with "mom".

With any amount of customization available, these classic pieces are a perfect gift.


Here are the reasons why we LOVE the Isabelle Grace Necklaces

1. Custom to what you want to say or share

2. A simple, yet stunning way to keep your most precious part of your life, close to you at all times

3. Made with high quality, stamped in gold, these necklaces are sure to be a conversation starter

4. A perfect gift from a husband, the children or to a fellow mommy, the Isabelle Grace line is so versatile in options

5. A great idea to share with your daughter, as they custom make children jewellery as well

6. Everyone loves them! You see these pieces gracing the necks of many celebrities ....