Buck Naked Soap

Buck Naked Soap Co.

Upon meeting the owner of Buck Naked Soap, Vanessa and I both agreed, she smelt as lovely as she spoke.  Her fresh aroma matched her fresh and passionate view of her business, health and her family.

We love when we get a chance to meet moms that also have their own businesses, so they can work for what they are passionate about, all the while still being present around home.  It is not always easy, but when you love what you do, its shows in your product, and that is exactly what we feel about Buck Naked Soap Co.

Each of the bars, are hand made, crafted, cut and wrapped, which is rare on its own, and the end product is just stunning!

 Here are a few baby shower gift soaps, what a GREAT idea!

Here are a few baby shower gift soaps, what a GREAT idea!

Rina, emailed us each asking us simple questions about our scent preference, family skin history and what we wanted out of our soaps, and we both received later that week two beautiful  and equally beautifully smelling soap bars.

Our family has sensitive skin, while Vanessa's doesn't, we both strive to use products that are considered safe by the Environmental Working Group.  Meaning they do not contain toxins or chemicals that are tied to effects on the hormone or reproductive systems, or contain ingredients tied to cancer or other ailments. 

The Buck Naked Soap Co. had a laundry list of unique, beautifully lathering, exquisite soaps for you to choose from

                                   Freshly Zested Orange for the Gardeners Scrub Bar

                                 Freshly Zested Orange for the Gardeners Scrub Bar

They have been featured all over for the uniqueness of their soap bars

Personally we both loved the lather, fresh scents and knowing that these were safe for our entire family.  There is something very special as well, knowing that someone who is passionate about their product and what it delivers, hand made your soap!  We love it!

And they do more than just soap, so make sure to take a moment and check them out online, and if you are looking for something specific you can always contact the owner and ask her on her Etsy page!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bnsoap

Website: www.bucknakedsoapcompany.com


Vanessa & Melissa