The everywhere playMAT by Prince Lionheart

This is the best mat! Even my sister likes it!
— Our little man, age 5

Over at the Diapers & Lipgloss headquarters, there are many times that all of our little ones are in one room playing for hours on end, while the mommies work away.   Luckily we get to try out some amazing products and capture the precious moments on video.

We recently received this awesome playMAT from Prince Lionheart, and we just love it.  Dual sided, the mat gives the little ones a chance for imagination play at the Zoo or with a great little city equipped with with roads and buildings to boot!

everywhere playMAT

Some cool features of the playMAT:

  • The mat is dual sided
  • You can change the shape and size of the mat to fit larger rooms or even small hallways
  • On the Zoo side there are lots of animals and counting opportunities
  • The car side has roads that are perfect for Hot Wheels, Playschool & Lego cars, making it perfect for any age!
  • This is a great mat for little babies during tummy time, toddlers for play time, and our oldest even loved it, making it a great investment that will last for many years in your home
 Even our Coco-Bean loves to lay with us during play time on the playMAT!

Even our Coco-Bean loves to lay with us during play time on the playMAT!

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