The Ollie Swaddle

Picture this with us.  You have your babe all swaddled up, and he is cute as a bug, and then, the diaper get a fill just as your settling him down.

Insert the amazing Ollie Swaddle!


Designed by a foster mommy who was caring for a babe named Oliver.  Little Oliver was deemed failure to thrive, yet she notice a huge improvement once she created her own swaddle for the little one.  He finally slept through the night, was eating and growing!  From then on she dedicated herself to creating the perfect swaddle, and we think she did just that!

Why we love the Ollie Swaddle

Remember that situation above, well this mama though of that.  The Ollie swaddle is open from the bottom for easy access to do a diaper change, with no need to un-swaddle


The material is light, and moisture wicking, so no sweaty babes, and it leaves them calm and comfortable


They come in adorable colours and such fun packaging! You can feel the care right down to the very last detail!


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