Feltman Brothers

Classic, timeless, beautiful and quality are just some of the words I would use to describe the Feltman Brothers children's clothing line. The company has been around for over a century and they're still producing gorgeous stuff. I actually remember my mother dressing my sisters and me in their gowns and bonnets when we were little. So when we had the chance to dress Melissa's gorgeous babe in a gown, we couldn't resist capturing the beauty of her in this outfit.  

From baby to toddler, girl or boy, they offer many different looks and styles, offering several collections to choose from. They also create the most beautiful and precious gowns and outfits for those very special occasions, such as christenings and baptisms. 




Like any moms we love what's hot when it comes to fashion and style, but there is just something so incredibly special and unique about the Feltman Brothers designs. Their look will transport you to a time of classic elegance and innocence, that is often missing in the world today. 

Have a peek for yourself at http://www.feltmanbrothers.com and you'll know what we mean.  XO