A NEW Kid's tablet we just love! The Fable.

Melissa and I were recently introduced to a NEW kid's tablet called, The Fable. The Fable is the  creation of Isabella Porducts, Inc. 

Designed without a browser, the device is designed to keep children away from inappropriate content, or from accidentally making a purchase. Fable is managed and monitored by a parent, teacher, or other adult guardian. At VizitMe.com, Fable’s cloud-based content management platform, parents and teachers use a password-protected account to select and purchase books, games, and videos, or customized academic pages. The sharing feature allows adults to designate friends, family, teachers, and classmates for children to share content such as family vacation photos, drawings, or personal projects.

Have a peek below to learn more about the Fable and to see how much fun we had with it! 

To learn more about the Fable, OR to purchase the Fable, head over to: http://www.vizitme.com

XO Vanessa+Melissa