A Tooth Brush Like Non Other


I don't know about you but teeth brushing around here is not fun!  My son, had no problem brushing his teeth, but from a very early age we could tell my daughter was going to be different!

When we was just a baby she would scream as soon as the toothbrush came out and as she got older it only got worse.  We tried lots of different types of toothbrushes, singing, toothpastes, games ... you name it, nothing worked.

Along with that, us mamas have noticed that many littles are getting cavities ealier than we can remeber as a child, so we both focus big time on keeping our babes mouths clean!


Recently though we learned about this fun new toothbrush called the ISSA.  The ISSA is a cilcon tooth brush that lights up with a smiley face when your done (and even has a sad face if it has been more than 12 hours since you last brushed your teeth).


The sad face is actually what got my daughter brushing more often.  If she now goes into the washroom and sees the sad face lit up, she will brush her pearly whites all by her self! Genius!

This is not the only reason why we love this tooth brush, check out some these amazing features below!