HOT Toy ALERT! Project Mc2 Doll with Experiment & H20 Remote Control Car

If you haven't heard of Project Mc2, then you're probably not a 6+ girl, but that's okay. This is where we come in. Being 2 moms who blog and vLog, we're fortunate to get our hands on some of the coolest toys to hit the market.

As moms of girls, and being women ourselves, we're very conscious of the messages around our physical appearances. It's hard to get away from the beauty obsessed culture we live in. So when our eldest girl started watching Project Mc2 on Netflix, we were just fine with it. The show revolves around 4 super smart, cool girls who love doing science experiments and are always on some kind of exciting mission to save the world. Now every awesome show needs some toys to go along with it. Introducing the Project Mc2 Dolls with Experiments & the H2O Remote Control Car.

 Above is the Project Mc2 leader, McKeyla. With this confident character, you can make your very own glitter globe light, using safe ingredients you already have at home; water, glitter and glycerine. She was a total hit in our house! In addition to the experiment, her hair was very easy to style.


We had a lot of fun styling her, illuminating her glitter globe light and doing her hair. Along with the doll, we also tried out the H20 Remote control car, that is it's own fun experiment. The car actually runs on H20 and is powered by steam, very cool and echo friendly. We simply placed the engine in the car, attached the wires, filled the can with water and fueled the car, with water that is. The car is remote and when activated the head lights turn on, the steam comes out the back pipes, and the car moves in all sorts of directions. It was a fun change giving our daughter her very own remote control car, since they always seem to be marketed as boy's toys. This was her first remote control car, and she LOVED playing with it. The car fits two dolls and is very stylish. Lots of playing time here, mamas. 

We would definitely recommend the Project Mc2 toy line, for girls age 6+. These toys encourage creativity, imagination, confidence, and are fun. You can find the Project Mc2 toy line at: Toys “R” Us, Loblaws, Walmart.

XO Vanessa+Melissa