Tiny Love Gymini® Under The Sea Multi-stage Activity Gym Giveaway!

When you are out of the baby game (or maybe you have not even entered it) you can find it hard to know exactly what is a good item to have for a new babe.  Especially when the baby is young, the options can be over whelming.

As moms of 5 littles (with one more babe on the way) we remind all moms to keep it simple and look for the classics.

That is exactly why we love the Tiny Love Gymini® Under The Sea Multi-stage Activity Gym!

An activity gym that your baby can grow into over the first year makes it a practical toy. 

We loved the Gymini for all the features it included, and the variety of ways your babe will be able to play with it. 

One reason why we both love a good play mat is help much it can help a mama out! Can we say how nice it is to have a safe area that your babe can lay while you get dressed.  You can coo over them as they play with the multiple tags, plush toys or just sit back and admire their cuteness as they talk to themselves in the little mirror.

If you are looking for an item for a new mom or a babe this Christmas make sure to include this on your gift list- and make sure to check out our social media, because right now, we are giving away one of these to a lucky mom!

Check out www.instagram.com/vanessandmelissa for the details!

For more information on this play mat, you can go to: http://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/tiny-love-gymini-under-the-sea-multi-stage-activity-gym/6000196428472