Stuffy Nose Season Is Here

“Compensation for this post was provided by hydraSense® always remember to read and follow the label. 

Cold season is right around the corner, and keeping my kids healthy throughout the winter months can be a challenge. Even with my preventative routine, someone inevitably gets sick, and when one gets sick, we all get sick. It’s just the way it goes. 

When stuffed up noses begin, that’s when I pull out my hydraSense® Ultra-Gentle Mist nasal spray. This gentle saline spray helps reduce nasal cold symptoms by helping clear my babe’s nasal passages. When cold symptoms are present, I tend to use this gentle spray several times throughout the day, and right before bed so my baby can get some sleep and breathe more easily. When babies are sick they really need their sleep and having a stuffy nose makes it so hard for them to sleep properly. At first, I thought Minnie might not like the spray, but it’s gentle and she actually giggles when I spray her nostrils. There are many benefits to this sterile spray solution, but we like the idea that it’s free of any medications, or preservatives. That’s a big check in our books. 

We love that hydraSense®Ultra-Gentle Mist saline nasal spray is made for kids under 2. We’re stocking up for the winter months, because we know how effective hydraSense® can be for those pesky stuffed noses. 


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