Lily & Val Keepsake Kitchen Dairy

I can still remember making strudel with my Oma, when I was a little girl.  Or Christmas cookies, that melted in my mouth.  I have such a fondness for the recipes but also the memories that are sketched in my heart of the time I spent with the Oma.  No other cookie tastes quite like hers....

When my son was born, I had my Oma over to make those cookies again, so I could capture a new memory with my first born and to make sure I had the recipe for years to come. (although you can see.... he wasn't quite yet as excited to be baking in he kitchen LOL)

Being in the kitchen creates memories, it's full of love and joy! I have always had a love for the kitchen and I make a point to bring my littles into the kitchen with me often, to hopefully create a love for baking and cooking with them as well.  Now a little older, my son had expressed how much he loves cooking with mama in the kitchen! Just look at my last Christmas card from him! (My heart is exploding right now!!.....)

So when I heard about the Lily & Val Keepsake Kitchen Diary, I knew I needed one for my kitchen!

The moment that I opened the package my heart was exploding, not a detail was missed! From the beautiful front cover, the the quality of each page, as I turned I feel more in love.  

If you are a recipe freak like me, you have them piled high and this book gives you the perfect place to store them all.  With measurements and beautiful drawings inside, it captured my heart (and my daughters). You can see us look through it here, and just how much she loved it too!

Watch our vLog "Cooking With Soul" when we first got to use the Lily & Val Recipe Diary

My artsy side loved the layout, the hearts that you can check off for the level of difficult of the recipe and the area that I can doodle or put notes in.  

However, as you probably gathered from the start of my blog, one of the most important part of baking for me..... is creating the memories.  This book doubles as a Kitchen Diary.  There is a page beside the recipe where you can keep the memories that are tied to that recipe.

My husbands father makes hands down the best stuffing at Thanksgiving, but what made it even more special was that my son tasted it, jumped around and said it was the yummiest thing he had ever eaten.  Since that day his grandfather will make him his own batches of this stuffing.  I cannot wait to get the recipe, and put those memories in there for me to remind him of when he is older!

If you know a mama who loves to be in the kitchen, or a mommy-to-be, I think this would be such an amazing gift especially for a bridal or baby shower.

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