Unboxing: Num Noms Series 2

Not too long ago, the Num Noms entered our home. To be honest, I had not heard of these cute little Num Noms, but my kids sure had. So you can imagine the excitement when I gave them a full Num Noms starter kit, plus Lip Gloss maker. Yes, pure joy. It was hours of exploration, play and entertainment. I'm not sure about you, but from this moms perspective, that's a win.

Although I loved that this new toy series kept them busy, the fact that the kids loved playing with these cute, smelly, creative little Num Noms was the actual win here. Each surprise pack had a different little Num Nom inside, which you attach to a container to create your own funky combo. And let's not forget the Lip Gloss maker. Total hit! I don't know what it is about kids and lip gloss, but they can never have enough. So why not let them make their own?

Click below, to get an up close look at our kids unboxing and playing with these fun little Num Noms:

You can buy your very own Num Noms at:

Toys “R” Us, Amazon.ca, Loblaws and Showcase