Getting Our Creative Vibe On With Gel-a-Peel

If your house is anything like ours,  your kitchen table is almost always full of crafts. My kids absolutely LOVE crafting. To be honest, it's the one messy area I really don't mind. Actually, I encourage it. I whole heartedly support kid's crafting, all the time.  My kids love expressing themselves through art. 

So when the highly anticipated, (my daughter was asking everyday when it would arrive) Gel-a-Peel showed up at our door, we were really excited to try it out. And that we we did! All of it, I mean every single tube of it. 

We designed and created our very own bracelets, earrings, pencil toppers, key chains and even decorated a cell phone case. The kids had a great time with the Gel-a-Peel. The product itself is very easy to use, and creates virtually no mess. Each box comes with its own templates to create funky and fun designs. You simply follow the templates, and then allow the gel to try and voila!

My little man had so much fun making bracelets. 


Gel-a-Peel's kept us busy for quite some time, and let's just say I have an abundance of new jewelry. We had a great time with this product, and definitely recommend it for ages 6-8, and even a little younger with an adults help.

If you want to try your own Gel-a-Peel, you can find it at your local Toys"R"Us.

Enjoy XO Vanessa