Introducing.. Playtex Sport Compact Tampons

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Like most of you, I will never forget the first day I got my period. It’s kind of like a right of passage, entering into womanhood. Although, I was not one of those young girls who was eager for her period. So of course, my period decided to arrive for the first time while I was at a water park. Let’s just say, it was not the best day of my life. 

However, many years later, and as a mom of 3, that time of the month is a normal occurrence and is expected, like making dinner, and doing the laundry. 

Because I’m a busy mom, like you, I need good protection when it comes to my period. Let’s be honest after having kids, good protection is required! I’ve trusted Playtex tampons, the #1 athletic tampon for years. Which is why I’m excited to share a new product with you from Playtex Sport, the NEW Playtex Sport Compact tampons. 

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Okay, here’s why I love these tampons. Firstly, they have the same trusted quality as all Playtex Sport tampons, but they have added some new awesome features, that as an active Mom, I love and need.

  1. Playtex Sport Compact Tampons have a 360 degree protection. Meaning the tampon is designed to fit your body and its every move, so you’re protected against leaks. ~ 3 Kids later..YES PLEASE! 
  2. The Applicator has a finger grip, so it’s easy to use.
  3. The tampon has FlexFit interlocking fibers to quickly trap leaks. 
  4. Playtex Sport Compact tampons are just that, compact and discrete. They’re 30% smaller than the Playtex Sport full-size tampons. They fit easily in a make-up bag, gym bag, or purse.

These tampons are perfect for busy, active Moms, as well active girls. But really you need to try them out for yourselves. Playtex Sport Compact tampons, are now available exclusively at Shopper’s Drug Mart, in Canada. 

To learn more about the NEW Playtex Sport compact Tampon, please visit: OR

You can thank me later.  ;-) XO Vanessa

Playtex Sport Compact Logo.jpg