Our BEST Potty Training Tips! Brought to you by Pull-Ups


We know just how hard Potty Training can be! That's why we've partnered with Pull-Ups to share some of our best PT Tips! Pull-Ups® Training Pants are designed specifically to help teach potty training skills. We love that they look and fit just like underwear, and so do our kids! They feel a sense of independence, because they're able to slide their training pants on and off. We all know our kids always need to feel a little in control, which definitely helps while potty training. PLUS..their easy open sides allow for quick and easy changes if accidents happen. 

Once you get started, one of the biggest worries is regression. So whether your little is just starting daycare, or heading back to daycare, once you've started potty training, these tips will help keep you on track. Click below for more tips:

To Recap: 

1. Be consistent. Whether your little is just starting daycare, OR heading back after holiday time and you've recently started potty-training, keep going!

2. Go easy on your little, and yourself. Potty training takes time, and let's be honest, accidents happen. It's how we learn.

3. Make sure your child is ready emotionally. They may be physically, but not emotionally. Don't rush it. When they're ready, it will be much easier.  Wondering if your child is truly ready? Take this quiz, available online at Pull-Ups.com 

4. There are lots of fabulous potty training books out there, so hit the library, or bookstore for some good night reads! Books are a fabulous way to teach kids. 

5. Be a responsible parent and send your kids to daycare with Pull-Ups. 

May the force be with you! And remember, no one goes to college in diapers. It will happen! 

If you want more amazing potty training information, make sure to visit Pull-Ups.com and access a wealth of tips, games, activities and advice to help keep potty training fun and engaging for both mom and toddler.

XO Vanessa+Melissa