OURS By Cheryl Hickey

Melissa and I both agree that when a mom decides to get into business to create something better than what's already out there for her kids and others, that is a passion, truth and drive like no other.

As moms we all only want the best for our kids, it's in our DNA. So when we had the opportunity to test out the line by Cheryl Hickey, YES! Cheryl Hickey, also known as the stunning Host of ET Canada, we said "YES!".


Firstly, we love and try to support all moms in business, especially if we believe in what they're doing, because we're all in this together baby. But when we heard her line was all natural, we needed to know more. There's so much information out there now about all the crazy chemicals in main stream baby products, which totally freaks us out. So when we found out that:

OURS products contain only familiar, natural ingredients like Coconut and Olive Oil, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Shea Butter and they don’t contain parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, dyes, silicones, phthalates and anything else you would be worried about using on your family’s gentle skin..Well, clearly that appealed to us.
— http://www.oursbycherylhickey.com/

So did we like the line?...Watch and find out ;-)........................

We hope you enjoyed our review of OURS By Cheryl Hickey.

If you would like to try the line for yourselves, you can find OURS By Cheryl Hickey exclusively at Rexall Pharma Plus stores or online at: www.eVitality.ca OR for more product information, visit the OURS site at: http://www.oursbycherylhickey.com


The Ollie Swaddle

Picture this with us.  You have your babe all swaddled up, and he is cute as a bug, and then, the diaper get a fill just as your settling him down.

Insert the amazing Ollie Swaddle!


Designed by a foster mommy who was caring for a babe named Oliver.  Little Oliver was deemed failure to thrive, yet she notice a huge improvement once she created her own swaddle for the little one.  He finally slept through the night, was eating and growing!  From then on she dedicated herself to creating the perfect swaddle, and we think she did just that!

Why we love the Ollie Swaddle

Remember that situation above, well this mama though of that.  The Ollie swaddle is open from the bottom for easy access to do a diaper change, with no need to un-swaddle


The material is light, and moisture wicking, so no sweaty babes, and it leaves them calm and comfortable


They come in adorable colours and such fun packaging! You can feel the care right down to the very last detail!


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The everywhere playMAT by Prince Lionheart

This is the best mat! Even my sister likes it!
— Our little man, age 5

Over at the Diapers & Lipgloss headquarters, there are many times that all of our little ones are in one room playing for hours on end, while the mommies work away.   Luckily we get to try out some amazing products and capture the precious moments on video.

We recently received this awesome playMAT from Prince Lionheart, and we just love it.  Dual sided, the mat gives the little ones a chance for imagination play at the Zoo or with a great little city equipped with with roads and buildings to boot!

everywhere playMAT

Some cool features of the playMAT:

  • The mat is dual sided
  • You can change the shape and size of the mat to fit larger rooms or even small hallways
  • On the Zoo side there are lots of animals and counting opportunities
  • The car side has roads that are perfect for Hot Wheels, Playschool & Lego cars, making it perfect for any age!
  • This is a great mat for little babies during tummy time, toddlers for play time, and our oldest even loved it, making it a great investment that will last for many years in your home
 Even our Coco-Bean loves to lay with us during play time on the playMAT!

Even our Coco-Bean loves to lay with us during play time on the playMAT!

Click http://www.princelionheart.com/site/p_playmat_7765.html if your interested in learning more about this playMAT and below to follow our friends over at Prince Lionheart!

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SplatMat by BooginHead

Do your little ones do the  "drop the food" routine on the daily?  Ours do for sure!

That's why we love the SplatMat by BooginHead!

Another well thought out product that we think has many uses

1. Under your little ones high chair


2. For easy arts and crafts clean up on the table

3. Have a crawler in the airport? Pack the SplatMat in your travel bag for a clean spot for your little one to stretch their legs and explore, while keeping them off the dirty airport floor

4. What about the hotel, another great place to use it to keep your little one clean

5. On the floor for play dough play time

 For more information on where to get SplatMat or BooginHead see below!

For more information on where to get SplatMat or BooginHead see below!

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/booginhead

Twitter: www.twitter.com/booginhead

Instagram: http://instagram.com/booginhead/

Want one? They are available online at www.booginhead.com but also can be found in Canada on amazon.ca

Let us know your thoughts, and if you got one, share your pictures with us on Facebook at


Pack'Ems by BooginHead


If you saw our post on the Squeez'Ems you will love the Pack'Ems by our friends at BooginHead!

Similar to the Squeez'Ems these products are: BPA, PVC & phthalate free


We loved these handy snack holders for a few reasons.  With two sizes, they are perfect for us mommies of babes of different ages.  While our older little ones can fill the larger Pack'Ems with yummy crackers or fruits & veggies.  The little tiny tots have the mini version with is just a perfect size for them to fill with baby cereal or puffs.

What else is nice, is how they stand on their own!  WOW you can tell a mommy who makes lots of lunches created these.  We loved that we could set it up and run our daily lunch packing routine, dropping in healthy snacks along the way!


We also thought it was so cool is that they are easy to open and close with the Velcro® Brand PRESS-LOK.


We have had these running around our house for months now, and they are so easy to clean, reuse, and we LOVE that its one less thing to throw out. Its such a great lesson about being kind to our environment for our little ones!

Want to see more, check out our video here!


Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/booginhead

Twitter: www.twitter.com/booginhead

Instagram: http://instagram.com/booginhead/

Want one? They are available online at www.booginhead.com but also can be found in Canada on amazon.ca

Let us know your thoughts, and if you got one, share your pictures with us on Facebook at


Sew Darling Dolly




There is something so special about a custom made doll.  When I was little my Great Grandmother used to sew dolly for us, and use oil paint to draw on their faces.  It was such a special dolly to me, and when I came across Sew Darling on Instagram, the memories came back instantly.

The owner Ashley sent us a stunning little "hippy girl" for our daughter and the moment she opened it, it was if she was an instant best friend.  The hand work was stunning, not a detail was missed but what made it even more perfect was how soft the baby was so my toddler can love this and cuddle it from now until forever.


Why we love Sew Darling Dolly

1. First off the fact that you know who you are buying from is so unique these days, and there was something so exciting about the order, custom making it, the originality of the doll, and that we got to wait for our new friend to arrive in the mail!


2. Our little one loved the soft, plush dolly with a gorgeous hippy ensemble and matching head band.  

3. It is a life long friend.  Because these babes are soft, they are safe and wonderful for even the littles of princesses to cuddle and coo with, all the while her Sew Darling doll will be just perfect to  have tea with as they grow older!

4.  The package came wrapped in sweet yellow tissue, with a hand written Thank-You card!

5. They are so unique!  This is such a great gift to give to your daughter, but if you are not a mommy, what a great idea for a baby shower, little girls birthday, and let me tell you, as a doll collector myself, I would LOVE one of these cute mini lades below! ;)

Overall we just LOVE these little ladies, and would totally recommend our mama and papa followers to take a look for yourself

You can find more information here:




Buck Naked Soap

Buck Naked Soap Co.

Upon meeting the owner of Buck Naked Soap, Vanessa and I both agreed, she smelt as lovely as she spoke.  Her fresh aroma matched her fresh and passionate view of her business, health and her family.

We love when we get a chance to meet moms that also have their own businesses, so they can work for what they are passionate about, all the while still being present around home.  It is not always easy, but when you love what you do, its shows in your product, and that is exactly what we feel about Buck Naked Soap Co.

Each of the bars, are hand made, crafted, cut and wrapped, which is rare on its own, and the end product is just stunning!

 Here are a few baby shower gift soaps, what a GREAT idea!

Here are a few baby shower gift soaps, what a GREAT idea!

Rina, emailed us each asking us simple questions about our scent preference, family skin history and what we wanted out of our soaps, and we both received later that week two beautiful  and equally beautifully smelling soap bars.

Our family has sensitive skin, while Vanessa's doesn't, we both strive to use products that are considered safe by the Environmental Working Group.  Meaning they do not contain toxins or chemicals that are tied to effects on the hormone or reproductive systems, or contain ingredients tied to cancer or other ailments. 

The Buck Naked Soap Co. had a laundry list of unique, beautifully lathering, exquisite soaps for you to choose from

                                   Freshly Zested Orange for the Gardeners Scrub Bar

                                 Freshly Zested Orange for the Gardeners Scrub Bar

They have been featured all over for the uniqueness of their soap bars

Personally we both loved the lather, fresh scents and knowing that these were safe for our entire family.  There is something very special as well, knowing that someone who is passionate about their product and what it delivers, hand made your soap!  We love it!

And they do more than just soap, so make sure to take a moment and check them out online, and if you are looking for something specific you can always contact the owner and ask her on her Etsy page!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bnsoap

Website: www.bucknakedsoapcompany.com


Vanessa & Melissa

Organics Live: Organic Produce Box

-------Ding Dong------

The doorbell rings and as a weekly ritual the family races to the Tuesday 6pm doorbell.  

"The fruits and veggie box is here!"

I will go on about the amazing box we receive every week, but first, as a mom, there is just something priceless about half of your groceries arriving at your door each week.  Even in a snow storm, when I did not want to brace the roads, our friendly delivery girl dropped us off our box of fresh, mostly local fruits and vegitables to enjoy that evening.

Here are the 8 reasons why we LOVE Organics Live Produce Box

1. Reliable delivery every week

2. Takes one thing off our plate to do each week

3. The cost of Organics Live produce box is about 20-30% less than what I would pay at a nig box grocery store, in the organic section

4. The lesson! My children love opening the box each week, learning about new types of veggies and the excitement on their face is so cute!

5. Organic Produce! But even further they always aim to source local first, but then they find the best in season available

6. The variety.  Foods that we would probably never choose to eat on our own, we are now experimenting with

7. The recipes.  They are smart at Organics Live, and know that some times there are foods that people do not know about to cook or what to do with them.  Thus, on their website each week they provide a few recipes for you to choose from!

8. The people! The people at Organics Live love what they are doing, and are passionate about the organic industry

Isabelle Grace Custom Necklaces

Looking for a beautiful gift for a special mommy in your life?  Already bought the perfume, pearls and slippers?

There is a hot item on the market that is gorgeous, and will bring a tear to any mothers eyes.

Mommy Melissa, recently received a beautiful necklace from Isabelle Grace. Upon opening it the emotions and tears were rolling.  With three stunning pendants, two with her littles initials engraved on it, and the third with "mom".

With any amount of customization available, these classic pieces are a perfect gift.


Here are the reasons why we LOVE the Isabelle Grace Necklaces

1. Custom to what you want to say or share

2. A simple, yet stunning way to keep your most precious part of your life, close to you at all times

3. Made with high quality, stamped in gold, these necklaces are sure to be a conversation starter

4. A perfect gift from a husband, the children or to a fellow mommy, the Isabelle Grace line is so versatile in options

5. A great idea to share with your daughter, as they custom make children jewellery as well

6. Everyone loves them! You see these pieces gracing the necks of many celebrities ....

Squeez'Ems by BooginHead

We received the Squeez'ems a couple of weeks ago, and although we were excited, we had no clue just how amazing this product would prove to be.


Melissa has a little one with a slight iron deficiency, and getting her take the Iron has been a task on its own.  Enter these awesome reusable squeezie packs, and now Melissa can customize not only the fruits that go in, but also any vitamins that needed to  be mixed in for the little ones diet.


These are the TOP 13 reasons why WE LOVE the Squeez'ems by BooginHead

  1. Easy to fill, clean and store, they are great for on-the-go families!
  2. Add your own vitamins (probitoics, vitamin D, Iron) to help get them into your little ones hassel free
  3. Mommy controls what is in them
  4. You can make them nutrient specific by adding certain foods specific to your babes needs (ie. adding oatmeal with coconut oil mixed in and some milk blended together for a great healthy fat dense breakfast)
  5. Easy way to hide vegetables ;)
  6. No worries about contamination or how long it has been sitting on the shelf
  7. Fresh
  8. Squeez’Ems reusable food pouches are perfect for all ages; for the on-the-go baby food all the way to yogurt or apple sauce in a grade school lunch.
  9. Squeez’Ems are freezer/microwave/ and dishwasher safe
  10. They are BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free
  11. Features a new screw top lid that turns clockwise to prevent accidental opening
  12. Pouch has an open window so that kids can view their fave purées inside
  13. Super budget friendly at just $7.99 per duo-pack, you will save a ton of money over spending any where from $1.50 to 2.00 for one single squeezie pack in the grocery store

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Want one? They are available online at www.booginhead.com but also can be found in Canada on amazon.ca

Let us know your thoughts, and if you got one, share your pictures with us on Facebook at