Vanessa + Melissa Talk Show Segments 

We talk tablet safety for kids with Internet Expert Cat Coode

Vanessa and Melissa chat with YouTube sensation Amanda Muse about travel, motherhood and digital media.

Vanessa and Melissa talk to the OPP about car seat installation facts that every parent needs to know.

Vanessa and Melissa talk to Dr. Layne Norton of BioLayne LLC about macronutrients and the pitfalls of traditional dieting methods.

Vanessa and Melissa talk to Jamie Scrimgeour, creator of The Poptart Diaries, about her journey to successful step parenting.

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Vanessa and Melissa take a trip to NYC for some fun, meetings and a preview of the Kardashian Kids Fall and Holiday Collections.

We walk with Sexologist Kelly about getting the va-va-voom back in your relationship after KIDS!

All we wanted was a little marriage advice....As if we got through to The ELLEN TV show ... while on search!

On this episode of #MommyTalk we are just keeping it real, with a little couples therapy and regrouping after a marital spat melissa had over....bacon! Who we are: We are Vanessa + Melissa, the co-hosts of the only Canadian parenting TV talk show.